About Us


Obun Hawaii was founded in 1970 as a bridge from Japan to the U.S. Market. Starting as a translation company Obun  began offering printing services in 1974.  Owned by a Japan company, Obun developed a niche market in Japanese typesetting and with the addition of a Japanese creative staff and media sales began working with many of the Japanese tour companies with their guide books and operational materials. In 1988 Obun purchases American Printing to service the English market. 

With over 40 years in business, Obun has continually added services to help customers meet their high expectations of quality and service.  We have done this by participating in the quality and service excellence initiative sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, including training by Watson Wyatt Worldwide on systems and workplace workflow, and with Dr. George Kanahele on corporate culture, values and team building.

Obun is poised to be one of the leaders in the printing community in Hawaii.