I want to make a brochure for my business, and I don't know where to start.
Can you help me?

When you create/design sales & promotional tools such as brochures and rack cards, there are many things you need to consider. Along with the contents and designs of your brochure, you will need to think about how to distribute it and, how to reach the audience. Costs and timeframe are also important factors. Well trained Obun Hawaii account executives will assist you from the beginning of the project and walk you through with effective and useful suggestions and cost saving techniques. Contacting Obun Hawaii will be the best first step of your endeavor.


How will direct mail increase my volume of business?

Combined with other methods of advertising, direct mail is an integral part of an effective marketing program. But, direct mail by itself will only be as effective as its eye-catching characteristics or design. You can be assured that our staff takes the time and care that helps you achieve your desired outcome.

My business needs are expanding, how can I increase my current customer base?

Obun Hawaii has the resources to either develop a direct mail list based on your criteria or to efficiently expand your existing list.