About Us


Since coming on board at OBUN HAWAII and HAWAII DISTRIBUTION CENTER as President in May of 2018, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know many of our HUNDREDS of clients. Everyone is unique and I’m thrilled that we have delivered such diverse and superior quality work for almost 50 years in Hawaii!

As we near our golden anniversary in 2020, I’m so impressed with the advancements in technology and capabilities in the printing business. Yes, our landscape has changed. Today’s printers need to be able to support the creativity and new technology employed by today’s designers. The creativity I’ve seen from graphic designers is very impressive and we are delighted to rise to the challenge!  

There is also a refreshing resurgence in DIRECT MAIL. It’s the ‘new way to cut through the clutter!’ Clients are keen to reach out to their customers in ways that are more PERSONAL. We are pleased to offer a full service mailing division that boasts major retail customers reaching tens of thousands of pieces Statewide, down to very targeted zones that service a niche in the neighborhood.  

We boast a staff that have decades of experience and equipment that is state of the art. Our Digital department has 4 presses including the new Ricoh C7210SX which expands our capabilities from 5th color technology (neon, clear, white, invisible red) to synthetic material stock, booklet maker, 95 PPM output speed and many more ‘bells & whistles’ that you must see!

Our Sales Team can guide you through the process and show you many samples and paper stock options based on your needs. The Team has decades of experience. You will be in great hands as they guide you through the process with confidence — and an eye on your budget.

We have great resources. As part of the AIO FAMILY OF COMPANIES, we can direct you to companies that could provide you with ADVERTISING OPTIONS, CREATIVE/DESIGN, DIGITAL/SOCIAL MEDIA DIRECTION, RADIO and many more businesses that can help you with marketing and promotion.

Finally, if you need INVENTORY MANAGEMENT & FULFILLMENT, we have a second warehouse located at 819 Mo’owa’a Street. Hawaii Distribution Center is a full service fulfillment facility. Ask your Obun sales consultant about these services!

If you don’t have an O.C. (Obun Consultant), please feel free to call me. The ‘virtual door’ is always open!




Obun Hawaii was founded in 1970 as a bridge from Japan to the U.S. Market. Starting as a translation company Obun  began offering printing services in 1974.  Owned by a Japan company, Obun developed a niche market in Japanese typesetting and with the addition of a Japanese creative staff and media sales began working with many of the Japanese tour companies with their guide books and operational materials. In 1988 Obun purchases American Printing to service the English market. 

With over 40 years in business, Obun has continually added services to help customers meet their high expectations of quality and service.  We have done this by participating in the quality and service excellence initiative sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce, including training by Watson Wyatt Worldwide on systems and workplace workflow, and with Dr. George Kanahele on corporate culture, values and team building.

Obun is poised to be one of the leaders in the printing community in Hawaii.