Obun Hawaii offers a variety of options to suit your needs.  From offset printing, digital and wide format print, Obun’s team will work with you to accomplish your needs.

We believe in the sustainability of the print industry and being as environmentally sensitive by recycling our paper, ink, and toner.


Our talented creative minds can help develop new marketing ideas for your business. A professional graphic designer will help you to incorporate memorable collateral into your marketing campaign. 


Obun Hawaii is capable of taking care of your mailing needs.  Working with the post office, we make sure that your pieces are mailable at the most cost effective rate.   Our mailing professionals are available to ensure that your bulk mail project is compliant with the latest US Postal Service regulations, including inserting, tabbing and barcoding. We prepare and provide all of the necessary paper work for the post office so that your mail goes out as expected, and on time.  Our clients include non-profit organizations, and institutions requiring customized (variable print) mailing projects.


One of the key operations in any print company is the bindery department.  They add the finishing touches to any print piece from cutting, scoring, folding, stitching and wrapping.  We provide in house saddle stitching and short run perfect binding for booklets and books.  The key word in this department is precision and accuracy to make sure your printed materials arrive at your customer’s door with a professional appearance.


While printing is Obun’s core business, many customers want to take advantage of printing longer runs to bring down the unit cost of a print piece.  However, the problem then becomes storage.  Hawaii Distribution Center (HDC), a part of Obun Hawaii, Inc, provides the service of fulfillment for not only printed materials but other products as well.  HDC can house your products and will pick and pack as needed to fulfill your needs.  Call us for more information.

JAPANESE | 日本語の制作と印刷について

Our experienced Japanese creative team can design a high quality Japanese communications piece that’s tailored to your specific audience.